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Weight Loss Clinic Lorton, VA – BeLite Medical Center

Are you looking for a weight loss clinic serving Lorton, VA? If so, you should consider BeLite Medical Center. BeLite Medical Center is where doctors and nurses go to lose weight, because we offer medically assisted weight loss which typically increases the rate of weight loss two to three times faster than you can do on your own. We understand that weight loss is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor.

Our weight loss clinic decreases your hunger and cravings by prescribing prescription medications such as Phentermine, Phendimetrazine, Mounjaro, Semaglutide, Wegovy, Saxenda, Liraglutide, Victoza and Rybelsus.

We also provide individualized food plans. The community of Lorton, VA, and NOVA in general, is an international community and the cultural food preferences are widely different. No matter what type of food you absolutely must have, BeLite weight loss clinic can include it into your diet and accommodate all of the different cultures which reside in Lorton, VA. For Lorton, VA residents, we are the “weight loss clinic near me.”

No matter what your goals are, BeLite Medical Center can provide the medical supervision and prescription assistance you need plus individual counseling so you reach your goals faster, typically two to three times faster at our weight loss clinic than on your own.

What is BeLite Medical Center?

BeLite Medical Center is a medical weight loss clinic serving Lorton, Virginia. The clinic offers weight loss services to help patients lose weight, including medical weight loss programs, prescriptions, nutrition counseling, and exercise programs. The staff at BeLite Medical Center is dedicated to helping patients from Lorton, VA and the general NOVA area, reach their weight loss goals and improve their overall health.

BeLite Medical Center is a medical facility serving Lorton, VA that is dedicated to helping healthy people, and people with health problems, lose weight. The BeLite Medical Center is a weight loss clinic that utilizes a medical approach to help people lose weight, get healthier and change their life. The BeLite Medical Center typically offers a variety of services, including medical evaluations and solutions which are individualized for participant’s age, fitness level, medical issues and goals. Our nutritional counseling accommodates the international community that lives in Lorton, Va. Have a favorite restaurant in Lorton, Virginia? Let us know your favorite restaurant so we can incorporate your food preferences into your eating plan. We see Bariatric Surgery patients during their second year after surgery to help them control their cravings and hunger, because they have started to regain their weight. For Lorton, Va residents, BeLite contact information should be found when you search “Weight loss clinic near me”. We can help Lorton, VA residents no matter how big the weight problem, because we are a weight loss clinic that is also a medical center.

How does the BeLite Medical Center weight loss program work?

The BeLite Medical Center weight loss program is a comprehensive approach to losing weight that includes prescription medication, plus healthy eating plans and exercise. The program starts with a consultation with a BeLite medical professional to determine your individual needs. From there, you’ll be given a personalized eating plan and exercise plan to follow. The eating plan portion of the program focuses on eating healthy foods that are low in calories and fat. You’ll also be given guidance on portion sizes and how to make healthy choices when eating out. Also, we have substitute suggestions for those who crave ice cream and salty chips, substitutions which really satisfy the craving.

The exercise portion of the program will vary depending on your fitness level and your medical issues, but will typically include a mix of cardio and strength training. Throughout the program, you’ll have access to doctors, nurse practitioners, nutrition counselors and other BeLite staff to help you stay on track and reach your goals.

What are the benefits of the BeLite Medical Center program?

There are many benefits to the BeLite Medical Center program. The BeLite Medical Center offers a comprehensive and customized approach to help you lose weight. The clinic’s highly trained staff will take the time to understand your weight loss goals and develop a plan that is right for you. There are no contracts, no membership fees and you eat normal food, because eating food in a bag or liquid shakes is not sustainable long term.

The BeLite Medical Center program includes:

  • A medical evaluation which includes a rhythm strip EKG, blood pressure monitoring, patient medical history, family medical history, weight gain/weight loss history and your weight loss and fitness goals.
  • Nutritional counseling- If you have a favorite restaurant in Lorton, VA, or the NOVA area, let us know what foods you love and our weight loss clinic can work it into your nutrition program. You can eat the foods you love, just in smaller quantities.
  • Exercise prescription- If you are starting to exercise we have gentle ways of beginning. If you are younger and want a rocking body, we know what activities will give you the super toned body you desire. If you are new to the area, and want to meet people, we suggest coed sports leagues, since they are great exercise and tend to be very social.
  • Medically supervised, accelerated weight loss utilizing prescription appetite suppressants. Our weight loss clinic decreases your hunger and cravings by prescribing prescription medications such as Phentermine, Phendimetrazine, Mounjaro, Semaglutide, Wegovy, Saxenda, Liraglutide, Victoza and Rybelsus. So if losing weight faster appeals to you, for Lorton, Va residents we are the weight loss clinic near me.


BeLite Medical Center develops individual plans based on your health, your medical issues and your goals. The program we developed to help a twenty-seven year old patient in a wheelchair, who had been hit by a car, was very different from the program we developed for a healthy twenty-seven year old who wanted to lose weight and increase their fitness level before joining an online dating site.

The wheelchair patient is now walking, and although we did not provide any of the great orthopedic care which made walking possible; we were responsible for helping the patient lose forty pounds which made getting up out of the wheelchair and learning to walk again much easier. Seeing the wheelchair patient return for appointments using a walker, and later a cane, was gratifying and emotional for everyone. The healthy twenty-seven year old also met their
goals by decreasing their weight and increasing their fitness level and joined the online dating sites. We were able to share their happiness and increased confidence at the transformation they accomplished.

The wheelchair patient said before coming to BeLite, they called other weight loss clinics, and they refused to accept this patient who needed to lose weight to walk again. BeLite is able to accept almost everyone, we handle a wide range of significant medical issues everyday.

This explains the difference between our weight loss clinic and a weight loss clinic which offers prepared food for sale and/or supplements and nutrition counseling.